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Hop on - Hop off Bus Tour (24/48 Hours)

Riga City Pass Standard gives you an option to use Hop on - Hop off Bus for 48 hours. Riga City Pass Light gives you an option to use Hop on - Hop off Bus for 24 hours. During the tour you will see more than 50 sights of the city. Bus driver can let you off on any Bus stop and after a short period of time next bus can pick you up at the same place, so that you can continue your tour. The full length of the tour - 90 minutes. Starting point: Town Hall Square or Radisson Blu Latvia Hotel

Kalnciema Quarter Wooden Architecture Tour (30 min.)

Riga has one of the richest collections of wooden architecture in the world. The starting point - Kalnciema Quarter is a bright and lively spot in Riga, on the left bank of the Daugava River, in the green and colorful area of Pardaugava. Take a self-guided audio-tour around wooden architecture districts.

Riga Black Balsam Tasting

Riga Black Balsam is probably the oldest bitter brand in the world, its history of craftsmanship dating back over 260 years. Take a free tasting of national drink in any of Latvijas Balzams official shop. If you would like to buy Riga Black Balsam or any other products of the shop, RCP gives you an option to save 10% on all purcheses.

Folded location map with markers. City map with colored pin pointers. GPS navigation map with city street roads. Vector illustration.
Bookguide & Map

Get a book-guide with professional map of Riga, which helps you to plan your time in Riga efficiently and according to your preferences. Your QR-code for all your benefits is located in your book - guide, which means, that your book - guide is your boarding pass for the bus, ticket for the tours etc.

Tour of the Local Brewery (30 min.)

“Stargorod” is the unique Czech brewery with a restaurant in the city. "Stargorod" is located in a building with a 300-year history - a truly landmark! Only "Stargorod" brews authentic Czech beer by classic technology on the best European equipment. During a 13 years experience “Stargorod” brews different kinds of beer by traditional Latvian recipes. All varieties of beer are brewed exclusively from Czech ingredients using Saaz malt and Czech yeast.

Beer Tasting at Brewery (3 types x 0.2 L)

Take a free tasting of 3 types of fresh beer in "Stargorod" Brewery, ordering cheese or meet plate snack. Three cups of beer, 0.2 L each.

RCP Souvenir - Set of Postcards

Set of postcards with the main city's attractions.

Souvenir from the Oldest Souvenir Shop of Riga

This souvenir shop (Opened in 1935) is considered to be the first souvenir shop in Riga. You have possibility to choose a beautiful souvenir with natural amber. If you are going to get more souvenirs from the shop, RCP gives you an option to get 10% discount on all purchases. Address: Šķuņu iela 12

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